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Why Use A Voiceover artist?

Bring your corporation or your product to life by using a professional VoiceOver artist.

  • Inspire trust & confidence – Videos and commercials that use voice talent to explain procedures or services, inspire trust and confidence in listeners.
  • Hold listeners’ attention – E-learning classes and audio books voiced by a professional narrator serve to hold the attention of students.
  • Engage your audience – Audio tour recordings for art galleries and museums performed by a voice actor engage the audience of museum-goers.


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Voice Actor and narrator Kathryn Sheneman reading a script in her studio.

About Me

Narration & Voice Acting

I’m Kathryn Sheneman, based in north central Pennsylvania and professionally trained in narration and VoiceOver. 

My work as a narrator began following my retirement from federal service. I have long been a licensed psychologist, working mostly in the realm of assessment/evaluation. I also have a law degree and bar admission to Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In the course of my work. I was frequently called upon to develop and conduct training modules. My first exposure to voice coaching and how to think more formally about how to use one’s voice to effectively present and perform occurred when I was offered voice coaching to prepare for conducting a professional lecture on my doctoral dissertation discussing espionage-related offenses. Although one thinks of how “knowledge is power,” I began to appreciate that truly, “language is power,” with respect to how capturing the attention and drawing in the listener is what sells.

Later in my career, having received feedback that I have something of a natural aptitude for narration, I kept this notion in my back pocket as consideration for an “encore” profession. Upon my retirement a few years ago, I embarked on Edge Studio’s voiceover training program, and I now have a skillset under my belt and a professional studio in my home.

I have a middle Atlantic states American accent. My voice has been described as clear and well-enunciated with a naturally refined quality. To listen to examples of the range and styles of audio recordings I can offer and how I can sound, feel free to click on my demos.